Review: “When We’re Gone” by BettySoo


“When We’re Gone” by BettySoo

[Self-Released May 27, 2014] 

With shards of laughter in her eyes and a tear in her voice BettySoo brings us vivid images, torn pages, rough roads and tender hearts.

From the shambling percussion intro to the first song inviting us to “Listen,” to the rich string arrangement of the last “Lullaby” BettySoo paints her pictures and respects us enough to let us draw our own conclusions. “Nothing Heals a Broken Heart” – having survived my brother’s murder I can attest to that. She consistently writes so close to the bone I'm convinced she’s lived every word.

It almost goes without saying that BettySoo’s voice and guitar combine seamlessly to carry her songs forward with clarity and conviction. But this is a review after all, so I’d be remiss not to mention it. She also invites some slightly dirty guitars and cello parts to the party, and of course you know how I feel about Southern drums. It doesn’t hurt that Lloyd Maines plays pedal steel on  “Last Night.” Musically, “When We’re Gone” is tasty as apricot cobbler. Not as sweet as peach, not as tart as rhubarb, just right.

I do believe BettySoo’s new album is going to make me miss my exits just like her previous ones did, as I roll down the highway harmonizing. I’m talking about you, “100 Different Ways Of Being Alone.”

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