Did Your Cat Get Lost During The Storms

Fourteen little faces from Central Oklahoma


The tabby kitten with startled big blue eyes,

The suspicious gray and white,

The pale Siamese huddled in fear,

And a tiny orange fluff reaching out a paw,


A big black panther, ID #87, shining bright,

Precious little ginger perched on a woman’s hands,

ID #90, come and get her,

Big orange, white paws, amber eyes,

Another white-bibbed tiger needs his people too,

Sad-eyed fluffy baby leans against the wall with quiet tears

I fear he knows his people are not coming home,

#93 and so alone,


A dignified light ginger with whiskers white and long,

Strong big tabby, where’s his daddy?

#97, calico from heaven, can’t tell if she’s shaven; Melissa Ann sent the pic to her friend’s phone because so far their kitty Ashlee

hasn’t come back home.


#103, who can this be, I LOVE orange Kitties too!

A gray Siamese with sapphire eyes, Oh man I wish I knew

Who he belongs to


Fourteen photos on the Central Oklahoma Humane Society

Facebook page today


Fourteen found tornado cats

In an album of displaced friends


Everybody hopes for fond reunions

Of people and feline friends.

We share these photos and hope for the best,


For shelter, for family, for home.


--Nina Jo

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Notes From MUNI

Pink bandana around her neck

Nestled against her
Light skinned man
With long black hair
Red skateboard by his seat
In the back of the bus.
I walk back
Take a seat with my side facing,
"What's her name?"
Giving her a little room
And time.

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Something about my team

Ojai Sessions, Getting Ready

Ojai Sessions, Getting Ready

Ojai, California

Snow Pea’s odometer turned 100,000 on the way here, a ways south of Salinas. Rocinante III held snugly to the spare tire on back thanks to a stop at Wildhorse Road truck stop where I finally found the cargo strap that would fasten the front & back wheels together so the front wouldn’t wobble back & forth & the back would stop freewheeling. Sometimes bungee cords are just not enough.

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