Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - SF to Ashland

Nina Jo's Leap Of Faith Tour Journal (cover)


Ashland, OR

Smoke thick South of Redding and a little around Shasta approach but breezes had cleared most of it by the time I hit Weed. Had a nice visit with R. He and his cat and canvases were safe from the fire thanks to the caprice of wind favoring them. I met the sweet doe and fawn who come to his Place. He complains about deer eating his prize tree, a weeping birch, but feeds these two watermelon and apples.

Photo collage Mt. Shasta, Deer, Castanet Puppet

Review: "A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble" by Jesse Winchester


A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble Cover Art

Jesse Winchester

A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble

Appleseed Recordings 2014


An understated masterpiece of heartbreaking beauty.

Buy it. Listen to it.

Dance to it. Feel it. 




Leap Of Faith Tour - Modesto - Sacramento

Nina Jo's Leap Of Faith Tour Journal (cover)

The tour begins with a benefit concert in Modesto for the Northern California Women's Music Festival. It's a great night with a fun crowd and I get to stay over with wonderful Patty Castillo and Cowboy. I follow them home from the venue with windows open to smell the good sweet soil and listen to the crickets as we roll down the road to their place a ways out from town.

Next stop was to have been a gig in gold country but the place closed down so it happened that my friend Aireene Espiritu was playing American River Music Festival and I was invited to camp out with the cool kids there. Woot.

Aireene And The Rarities @ American River Music Festival

I planned to camp an extra day by the beautiful South Fork of the American River but the King Fire had started. I witnessed my first pyrocummulus cloud that was so awesome I didn't even get it together to take a photo. By morning the valley was full of smoke, the color was leaving the landscape. I packed up and left just as my eyes were starting to water. So off I went directly to Sacramento.

And then there was The Coffee Garden. Glad I brought my own PA. Terri Tork (hooray for Costa Mesa High School friends) lives in Sacramento. She did everything but set up the sound system and play for me. What a great friend and great support. Oh yeah, she took photos too!

Nina Jo by her Folk Music To Go Banner

Leap Of Faith

leap of faith


uncluttered sky

moon ripples

dog barks

tapwater flows

cool breeze.

I said I’d make

a leap of faith

and I did it

gladly, today.



Review: "Carter Girl" by Carlene Carter


Carlene Carter CD Cover, Carter Girl

Carlene Carter, Carter Girl

Rounder, 2014 

Carlene Carter’s new release is a celebration of her roots in the first family of American Song. I have said elsewhere that Carlene is the rockingest of the Carters, a statement that this album both proves and happily challenges. In Carter Girls, Carlene melds her rock & roll style with the distinctive genius of Carter-composed works. Jim Keltner slings sticks, solidifying the rock feel of the album from the hard gospel “Little Black Train” through the ironic waltz, “I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight,” all the way through the final “Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow.”


Review: “When We’re Gone” by BettySoo

“When We’re Gone” by BettySoo

[Self-Released May 27, 2014] 

With shards of laughter in her eyes and a tear in her voice BettySoo brings us vivid images, torn pages, rough roads and tender hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day

Music Review: "Deciduous" by Megan Keely

I planned my first listen to this album to accompany my morning movement practice.  But Megan’s album is so good I had to sit and start taking notes immediately and dance around when I couldn't resist moving.

Click here to read more.

SummerSongs West 2013 – Inviting My Ghosts

SummerSongs West 2013 – Inviting My Ghosts
I’ve been thinking about turning sixty. It’s one of the reasons I decided to take Alan Thornhill’s advice and treat myself to this songwriting camp in Cambria, California, “I think you might like them and they might like you,” said Alan last summer.

I’ve been thinking about turning sixty because For Lee it was such a big deal. His father had died at 59, alone in a small residence hotel room, an abandoned alcoholic. On the eve of Lee’s 60th he confessed he was superstitious he wouldn’t make it. I told him he already had and not to worry. He wasn’t alone. He’d found love and family and community. He featured at his beloved Hotel Utah Open Mic and the City of San Francisco even proclaimed January 10, 2005 Lee Mallory Day. Lee Mallory turned 60 but for lack of a liver transplant, he returned to the Universe a scant two months later, where his soul and music and loving spirit still reside.

NIna Jo's First Songwriting Camp

The first thing that caught my attention was on opening night of the camp, when we all sang together at the end of orientation. I was singing a harmony line and started hearing someone directly behind me singing the same line. Only this voice was big, rich, warm, enveloping my small voice in its resonance. When I turned to look, I found Sloan Wainwright. Well.






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