Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - The Journey

Portland, OR

It’s an interesting journey, this one. My last trip to Portland area was to bury my half-brother, Brian. The trip before that was to bury my father, Roy. The only comfort was knowing Brian died after Roy, because for him to have lost a second son to a violent death (1: murder; 2: car wreck) would have broken him.

I really had no desire to return to Oregon after that. That makes this is a journey, not merely a trip.


When my great uncle Dan and his family lived in Portland we sometimes visited. My older cousin was wild and it was a relief to PLAY.

Before one such visit I dreamed I roller-skated there from our home in Ojai. Driving north through the forested parts of I-5 looks a lot like that dream. As a kid I rode my skateboard more than my skates but somehow skates seemed more suited for the trip. You can’t argue with dream logic.

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