Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - Summit Oregon to Cottage Grove

The King Fire that started day 2 of my tour has continued to burn. So many acres, so many folks evacuated, so many firefighters working heroically, so many families awaiting their return. Just yesterday the fire was pronounced contained. But not out. LA Times Article

They've been on my mind the whole time.

On my return trip I'm enjoying being a fan. I returned to Summit, OR to see Red Moon Road at the Summit Community Center, a former church the community had rolled down a hill to relocate near the road.

Red Moon Road Trio Playing in old wooden church, Summit OR

In Eugene, OR I stayed with a friend from my martial arts days. This journey really has woven together many strands of my life. She had a remarkable garden with these fantastic morning glories. This one had a hardworking visitor.

Morning Glory with Bumblebee

Now I'm in Cottage Grove, updating all y'all while waiting to see Jonathan Byrd at Axe & Fiddle.

Jonathan Byrd Poster in window of Axe & Fiddle in Cottage Grove, ORGuitar and old-school elastic capo at Axe & Fiddle

I've been following his posts, love his storytelling, sharp wit, deft songwriting & strong playing. And everybody I tell that I've extended my trip for two days to catch his act says, "Oh, yeah. He's great. You have to see him." Some of them are folks who've shared a bill with them. So that's testimony I put stock in.

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