Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - Snoqualmie & Issaquah

Issaquah's great. Black Dog Arts Cafe open mic in Snoqualmie was fun and I loved meeting the people and playing the Sallel Grange monthly open mic in North Bend last night.

Panoramic view of The Black Dog Arts Cafe Open Mic

Front Window of Black Dog Arts Cafe, Snoqualmie, WAMt. Si, Snoqualmie, WA 

Playing the house concert at my friend's house was quite a trip too. We hadn't seen each other in decades. Met in High School, drove to Fairbanks, Alaska together in my VW, ca. 1973, parted ways in the mid 70s. We had some time to catch up and I was gratified to know we'd both made good lives. Jean Mann made a special guest appearance at the house concert too, adding her spirit and light to the mix.

Seated Buddha with Autumn Flowers Amidst Pine Treescomposite photo of house concert in Issaquah, WA

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