Leap Of Faith Tour Journal - Conor Byrne, Seattle

I like Seattle - it's beautiful, livable, all kinds of people; possibly more diverse than San Francisco is now. There's an open mic tonight in Seattle but the town is so revved up over the Seahawks game that I'm not sure there'lll be much of a turnout for it and not sure I'd want to be driving around after, win or lose. 

Anyway, I'm a bit tired after Saturday's show and last night's open mic (Conor Byrne - very nice.) 

Composite photo of Women at Conor Byrne Open Mic

Here's to the ladies of Conor Byrne Open Mic!

And the boys!

Colorworks trio onstage at Conor Byrne Open Mic


And me!

Nina Jo playing ukulele beneath big chandalier at Conor Byrne Pub


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