Leap Of Faith

I’ve been calling my first out-of-state tour my Leap Of Faith Tour because while I’m a big planner, this journey has many moving parts that come together, fall apart and reassemble in new ways. Friends and friends of friends old and new from Modesto to Seattle are pitching in to book, feed and shelter me. 

A few days ago I was flipping through an old spiral-bound 4 x 6 inch pocket notebook - paper! - and stumbled upon this poem I’d written.


leap of faith


uncluttered sky

moon ripples

dog barks

tapwater flows

cool breeze.

I said I’d make

a leap of faith

and I did it

gladly, today.




I think that leap of faith was about the time I decided to leave my day job at SF State and plunge headlong into music. If you don’t leap, you won’t fly.


Nina Jo Portrait lying on lawn

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